Monday, 2 June 2014

MAGnificent Lamp guest post by Lucy Farfort, Illustrator and Designer

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Working as a freelance illustrator and designer I often find myself slaving into the night to get a project finished. Thankfully so far that’s never been past 10pm and as I love my job (for the most part) it doesn’t feel like a chore. Although working this late particularly in winter months causes a problem – light, or rather lack of it.
I decided sometime ago that I really needed to invest in a decent lamp to work by. So the timing was exceptional when I was asked if I would like to try out one of the daylight lamps. YES PLEASE!!

I’ve actually had my eye on the daylight products for a while now so I couldn’t believe my luck. Even more so when I was sent a MAGnificent lamp (great name!) as it’s built in magnifying glass would fit perfectly with my current project which i’m hoping will turn into a long term thing, so the lamp is going to be well used.
I couldn’t wait to test it out.

The reason why this is such a perfect match is because not only do I often work on a fairly small scale, mostly around A4 size, much of the work I do is quite detailed. This generally means I have to get really close up to the thing I’m working on in order to properly see what I’m doing – especially if the light is bad.
Above all I really wanted to use it in the making of some brooches I’m producing.  Here they are in their unpainted state:

The lamp was really helpful for the painting process as the details on the brooches are tiny so using the magnifier was great.

A major bonus of this product is that it can be used as a floor lamp as well as a table lamp. So if like me your desk is covered with your latest creative adventures and looking much like a bomb has gone off leaving little space for anything else, never fear just set it up as a floor lamp – et voila!

I’m so chuffed with this light as not only is it functional it looks pretty slick too, and genuinely feels like a high quality product well worth the money.
The MAGnificent is a great idea and especially beneficial for artists and designers who work traditionally on a small scale. I would definitely recommend it to people - it did wonders in helping me create my finished brooches which will soon be available from my website

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