Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bright Light for Less!

Imagine a place where you could get the ultimate lighting essentials at a discounted price... well now it exists! We have just introduced an  exclusively new Clearance section to our website, just in time for Christmas!
To grab a bargain, either click here or click click on the clearance tab on the website.

Have fun searching through our high quality products and save yourself up to 20%  off the retail price! 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

World Sight Day

World Sight Day, 11th October 2012, is an important day. Not only to celebrate the wonders of sight, but also to focus the world’s attention on blindness, visual impairment, and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.
Sight is an incredibly important factor when it comes to lighting. We know how important it is, and we also know how easy it is to strain your eyes under dim lighting. You can take various steps in caring for your eyes, and potentially eliminating problems with sight later down the line, one of those steps is working under ‘eye-friendly’ lighting.
When it comes to designing our lamps, we ensure that every single one offers the same unrivalled bright white light that offers a full spectrum light for our customers to enjoy. By avoiding lights that flicker and produce glare, you avoid those sore, tired eyes that people often associate with working under a lamp. You will also notice that our lamps help you see more than you could before – small details and contrasts will become visible and colour matching becomes much easier. When working late into the night or for long periods of time, you will no longer notice those red itchy eyes that can take the fun out of your favourite hobbies.

When we worked with low-vision artist Barrie Goodfellow, he described how using his Daylight Lamp (Professional Artists Lamp) he was able to see his work in ways he hadn’t before, and his art was improved as a result.
So for anybody who enjoys crafts, arts, model making, puzzling, writing, reading, crosswords and more – take a moment to reflect on World Sight Day and the difference a Daylight Lamp has made to you, or the difference it could make! 

Monday, 1 October 2012

It really IS the ultimate tabletop lamp!!

This is not just a lamp. It is everything you could want in a lamp. It is beautifully crafted, energy saving, produces natural looking light and can be used for almost anything. This ultimate lamp is great for scrap-booking, needlework, nail painting, knitting, or any other sort of craft. Its light can reach into the places normal daylight can't. At £114.99, you won't find much else that can do what this one can do. This really is the ultimate tabletop lamp! Check it out at The Daylight Company - Ultimate Tabletop Lamp

Here's what Crafts Beautiful thought...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New Additions to Daylight Marketing Team

We thought it was about time we introduced to you our 2 new additions to the Marketing Team at Daylight! In the last few months we have welcomed our new Marketing Professionals, Mark Williams and Clare Donnelly,on board to shake up the marketing activity! We also see previous Marketing Manager, Maarten Wermers, instated as the new Business Planning Director! 

Mark Williams, formerly employed as Corporate Marketing Director for Adxto Ltd, has now taken on the role of Marketing Manager which will see him taking over the responsibilities of running the global marketing department. Mark brings with him his wealth of experience in International Marketing, gained from previous roles at Microsoft, IBM, Samsung and BP.  

The role of Assistant Marketing Manager has been taken on by Clare Donnelly, previously Operations/Marketing Manager for TelemediaHub Ltd, who specialises in building brand awareness and mobile communications. 
Patrick Jacquelin, Founder and CEO of The Daylight Company, commented “By placing more of a focus on digital marketing and expansion, we will be able to maintain Daylights position as a leading lighting manufacturer. The experience and marketing knowledge that Mark and Clare both possess, will benefit Daylight immensely, and we have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming them to the team.”

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Why The Daylight Company?

For most of us a light bulb is a light bulb. But in fact not all light bulbs are created equal when it comes to providing quality lighting. In almost all cases, you will want to be sure you are buying a “full spectrum” light bulb or tube.

The Daylight Company gives you all the benefits of full spectrum light. But why is full spectrum light so good?

Here are five reasons why:
1) Eye Comfort – “Full spectrum” bulbs and tubes enable you to see a complete range of colors with ease and comfort. These bulbs let you work for hours on the most detailed and difficult projects and without headaches and red-eyes. Working with full spectrum light is as relaxing and natural as a walk in the park.

2) Full Spectrum and Color – Another benefit of full spectrum bulbs and tubes is that they enable you to see colors just the way they are without distortion, glare or washed out shades.

3) See Details as Never Before – High quality, full spectrum light helps you see better. You’ll find they make it much easier to read small print or see details in hobbies or other small projects. Full-spectrum lighting also gives you a much needed assist as you get older and your eyes naturally lose some of their strength.

4) Save Energy – It is best to buy energy-saving full spectrum fluorescent bulbs and tubes or LED lighting. They will consume at least 80% less energy and last about ten times longer than a standard incandescent light bulb.

5) Lower heat - Be sure to buy a bulb that offers low heat technology for ultimate comfort and safety. You do not want to risk burning yourself if you accidentally touch the shade or tube.

There is one place you can find a bulb or tube that offers all of these benefits – The Daylight Company™. Visit our website at: http://uk.daylightcompany.com/

Daylight’s™ Slimline Reaches New Heights!

Daylight’s Slimline table lamp has reached new heights with the introduction of the Slimline Floor Lamp.

This lamp offers the ultimate in design and flexibility for those who love to craft from their comfy sofa or favourite armchair. More importantly, its flexible neck ensures the 11w Daylight™ tube can be directed exactly where you need it, giving you the best results each time!

Patch workers, quilters, knitters and crafters alike will now be able to benefit from a lamp suitable for any project you decide to take on! It makes it much easier for you to work with fine details and simplifies difficult colour matching. It can also be raised to brighten up even the darkest of craft corners!

If you are seeking a fabulous looking lamp for your home then the luxurious brushed chrome style of the Slimline fits in perfectly with any home interior and enables every crafter to work in style! Meanwhile, the incredibly slim design doesn’t get in the way like some other cumbersome craft lamps. The Daylight™ energy saving tube supplied with the lamp is low-heat and flicker-free, giving you the best light ever to work with details and colours.
You will never experience a more comfortable light for your eyes, and will be surprised at how much longer and later you can craft without eye strain or tired eyes!

Find out more about this product at:

NEW Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp

Check out the NEW Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp from The Daylight Company!

The Daylight ESD Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp is built expressly for use in clean rooms. The lamp provides not just the best light and magnification available today; its special static dissipative coatings and other materials stop the build up of electrostatic fields and prevent the attraction of particles.

The 22091 ESD Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp Specs:
  • Ergonomic and professional ESD safe magnifying lamp
  • For use on workstations where ESD sensitive devices are being handled
  • Powerful 28w Daylight™ energy saving tube (150w equiv.)
  • 17.5cm/7” precision optical white glass lens to see more of your work (1.75X, 3 diopter)
  • Flicker-free electronic ballast, work for longer in optimal comfort
  • Practical lens cover to protect the lens from sun and dust
  • 4cm/1.5“ precision optical white glass swing arm lens included (4.0X, 12 diopter)
  • 13cm/5“ precision optical white glass lens available separately (2.25X, 5 diopter)

This beautifully slim lamp has a Quick Lens Swap System™ to increase the magnification in seconds and without you having to use any tools! It has a solid stem and metal clamp for your workstation so it will stay sturdy throughout the day and the high quality metal arm gives it optimal flexibility and durability against anything your tools can throw at it. The new and improved head-joint smoothly directs the light exactly where you need it.

So don't miss out on this modern Daylight necessity.
Visit our website to find out more:

Foldi with a new sleek white finish

Be creative wherever you are with the brand new white Foldi!

This stylish portable LED lamp from the Daylight Company will light up your work at home, at hobby classes and on holiday. Foldi™ features 30 eye-popping Daylight LEDs to give you comfortable glare-free full-spectrum light. It gives you up to 8 hours of light on batteries and unlimited light when plugged into your laptop. With its slim design and smooth lines, the Foldi™ Lamp fits easily in your handbag or luggage. Perfect to enjoy crafts and reading wherever you go.

This super sleek addition to Daylight’s range of practical lamps will be the coolest crafting light this autumn. More and more home products such as computers, mobile phones and games consoles are experimenting with a luxurious white finish, and Foldi™ is no exception, along with chrome sides and a slim design. Flip it open to light up the 30 LED’s and enjoy the most relaxing and comfortable lighting ever.

It comes with 3 x AA batteries to give you up to 8 hours of light on the go. You can also use the supplied USB cable to power the lamp when working with your laptop or computer. A power adapter is available separately if you prefer to use Foldi™ on mains electricity. This LED lamp will never stop to light up your work, wherever you are.

As you would expect with a product of this quality, it comes with a black pouch to protect your lamp when travelling. The lightweight compact design makes it ideal to take in your handbag or luggage. Don’t leave the house without your personal travel light.

Visit this product on our website: