Monday, 3 June 2013

Jayne Netley Mayhew joins Daylight Ambassador Programme

Here's the latest introduction to the Daylight Ambassador Programme, Jayne Netley Mayhew. Here she gives you the lowdown on where she's at today and what projects she'll be working on this summer!
From an early age I was painting, sewing, knitting, I really can’t remember a time when I did not have something creative on the go. As a child I was often ill and spent a lot of time in bed. To keep me occupied my mother would give me wool, silks, paper, paints and pencils and I was needless to say in my element.My brothers and sister are all artistic and we spent a great deal of our childhood drawing and painting together.
My success came about initially from producing two books illustrating with author Leslie Jackman. Through Leslie I was spotted by David & Charles who saw my freehand embroidery and challenged me to come up with a cross stitch design. I came up with four, and from that it seemed to snowball! Janlynn started to kit pack my designs and I was asked to do my first Cross Stitch book!
Several books and kits later and I still love to design and stitch, with many of my designs featured in Cross Stitch magazines and the launch of a website where I sell a few select charts. However, over the last few years, my artwork has taken the foreground and is being reproduced by Joanna Sheen to be used in Papercraft and Rubber Stamps. I'm currently working on a Decoupage set of paintings and when they're finished I will start working on the next planned Papercraft CD! 
My last major project for myself was a patchwork quilt - patchwork, appliqué squares all stitched by hand for a king-size bed. It took me several very enjoyable months to finish! All my own projects are fitted in between my designing, painting and stitching, and I do have an on going quilting masterpiece that i've been working on for years! (Watch this space!!). 
I've already reviewed lamps for Daylight in the past, you've probably seen me on their website putting the Stitchsmart Set to the test! I find Daylight lamps make my life as a stitcher much easier, particularly ones that allow you to move and tilt the head as you can then position the light wherever you want to work! It's going to be good road testing some more products and keeping you up to date with my new projects!