Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New Additions to Daylight Marketing Team

We thought it was about time we introduced to you our 2 new additions to the Marketing Team at Daylight! In the last few months we have welcomed our new Marketing Professionals, Mark Williams and Clare Donnelly,on board to shake up the marketing activity! We also see previous Marketing Manager, Maarten Wermers, instated as the new Business Planning Director! 

Mark Williams, formerly employed as Corporate Marketing Director for Adxto Ltd, has now taken on the role of Marketing Manager which will see him taking over the responsibilities of running the global marketing department. Mark brings with him his wealth of experience in International Marketing, gained from previous roles at Microsoft, IBM, Samsung and BP.  

The role of Assistant Marketing Manager has been taken on by Clare Donnelly, previously Operations/Marketing Manager for TelemediaHub Ltd, who specialises in building brand awareness and mobile communications. 
Patrick Jacquelin, Founder and CEO of The Daylight Company, commented “By placing more of a focus on digital marketing and expansion, we will be able to maintain Daylights position as a leading lighting manufacturer. The experience and marketing knowledge that Mark and Clare both possess, will benefit Daylight immensely, and we have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming them to the team.”