Sunday, 1 December 2013

Inside Look: Daylight's Handheld LED Magnifiers

As part of the new StarMag range, Daylight Company have brought out a handy due of LED magnifiers to make working with details and fiddly crafts much easier! The duo, consisting of a small handheld magnifier and a large handheld magnifier (sold separately) are new on the scene for crafters needing a closer look at their favourite hobbies! So let's take a look at them in more detail! 
This little lighting solution comes with a 3.5X acrylic crystal clear lens (7.5cm/2.75") and two bright daylight LED's which will never need replacing! There is also a handy stand to allow you to position it on your table for hands-free magnification. This is the perfect craft kit essential to keep you enjoying your hobbies wherever you are, whether that's on-the-go or on your holidays! 

This larger handheld magnifier offers the same great features including the handy pop-out stand and bright daylight LED bulbs. However, this tool offers a high quality 2.0X acrylic lens (11cm/4") with a 4.0X inset lens (2.5cm/1") - greater magnification for all your crafting needs! 

Both of these products are made from high-quality, long lasting materials along with a stylish satin silver finish! And, with them coming in for less than £30 for both, they make a great Christmas gift idea! 

Jak Heath Reviews the LED Foldi

We popped an LED Foldi in the post to Daylight Ambassador Jak Heath to see how she got on using it for all her favourite hobbies! Here's what she thought...

There are times in a crafters life that you need to pack up a work station and just take it with you which can be done so that no matter where you are going you can whip out the craft and never be bored. I have always done this on my travels but I have often hit a stumbling block in the way of good lighting. It never seams to be in the right place in hotel rooms - Daylight Company have that covered for us! Not only is this lamp a God send but it is slick and stylish too.
I knew when looking at the images of this lamp that I liked it but I hadn’t realise just how much I was going to like it until I had it in my hand.
Whether traveling to a friends house or a craft club, this little sleek beauty will fit in your handbag neatly in its very own black pouch, and it is so powerful, it gives 8 hours life from batteries or you can plug it into a USB on your computer or laptop or even buy a plug adapter for it.
this is me popping it into my handbag and showing just how sleek it is.
Click here to see this review live on Jak Heath's blog, where she is also giving all her lucky followers the chance to win one of these lovely little lamps in time for Christmas! 

Monday, 28 October 2013

Jayne Netley Mayhew tests the Studio Clip-on Lamp & Stand!

We asked one of our Daylight Ambassadors, Jayne Netley Mayhew, to test-drive the Studio Clip-on Lamp and Stand RRP £114.99, one of our most popular lighting solutions for artists! Here's what she thought...

If I had to sum up this lamp in one word only, it would be ‘superb’. I have had a few standing lamps over the years, all of which have fallen apart, joints loosen or they are unstable. This lamp sturdy, it’s adjustable and holds together well. Plus it gives you the option of adding more than one light. The light itself is good and casts not hint of yellow to what you are working on, only the true colour of your medium. As an artist and designer this is has to be one of the major points for any lamp.
The height of the stand is very good, so you can adjust placement of the light itself. Giving you the option of using it for over-all lighting or more of a spotlight. It has a clever and easy devise so that the light itself can not be knocked or slip down the stand, so simple but so effective.
I have used the lamp in my kitchen where I often sit and stitch in the evening and then moved it up to my studio over my easel to work under, I can’t make up my mind where it will stay.

Would I recommend it to someone looking for a standing lamp, a resounding ‘yes’, I really can’t find a fault with it.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Bev Rochester Joins as a New Ambassador for Daylight Company!

Crafting queen Bev Rochester joins the Daylight Ambassadors. Read below as she introduces herself and describes the difference Daylight lamps have made for her! 
Hi there, I’m Bev Rochester and have been crafting in some form for as long as I can remember.  I have done the whole tapestry to crochet to knitting to embroidery to even Faberge eggs malarkey, but my latest passion is papercrafts and rubber stamping, and has been for the last 5 years or so. I am a fuss-pot and am fanatical about getting things just right so for me having the perfect lighting is paramount.  I have used Daylight lamps since I first discovered them years ago and can honestly say with hand on heart that I could not craft without them, even on the sunniest day. 

I am on several design teams and have a blog with lots of inspiration, tutorials and videos (and yes, Daylight lamps have helped me out so much when shooting videos, especially in the depths of winter as they give true daylight – essential for colouring videos). I don’t have the best eyesight (old age and all that!) so good light is essential especially as I work fulltime so when I craft at night after a full day at work I don’t want to have to suffer eye strain.

Watch this space for some more reviews! 

New Daylight Ambassador, Ruth Singer!

Textile artist, writer and tutor Ruth Singer is our newest Daylight Ambassador! Below she gives us a taster of what she has to bring to the panel!
I'm a textile artist, historian, writer and tutor, based in a wonderful old hosiery factory in Leicester. I work mainly by hand, exploring traditional and invented textile techniques such as fabric manipulation, appliqué and embroidery. Good lighting is vital to my work, making it easier to see the stitches I am making whatever the colour of cloth and helping avoid eye strain, particularly when working into the evening on deadlines, when Daylight lighting is essential. I think Daylight Lamps will make a big impact on my work and I hope to share a review with you soon! 

Michelle Fallon - Swan Floor Lamp Review

Until I had my Daylight Lamp I struggled to balance my business and my hobbies, but then the Swan Floor Lamp entered my life and equilibrium was restored.  I just LOVE this lamp.  First of all it’s on wheels so I no longer need several lamps in different locations, I just wheel my lamp into whichever room I am in (this works as I live in a cottage but could be a bit cumbersome if you had to carry it upstairs as it’s quite heavy). 
The other thing I love about this lamp is that it has a bendy stem (I think the correct word is neck?) which means you can bend it down as close to you or as far away as you want.  This is perfect because, especially when I am on the sofa, normal floor lamps are just that little bit too far away and they always seem to shine in the wrong direction whereas the daylight lamp allows you to adjust the position of the light without having to move the lamp or furniture around. 
The bulb itself is white and not yellow and most importantly not hot!  I don’t find my eyes getting tired when working with it, as they would with a standard light.  Obviously if I have been working 12 hours they are tired but you get my drift, don’t you?   The other thing I love is that there’s no glare from the light.  It just lights up the area you are working in a comfortable way. 
What else can I say?  Oh yes, there’s also a handy magnifying attachment that comes with this lamp.  Personally I don’t tend to use this as I don’t wear glasses but my mum loves it!  She finds it perfect for reading in bed for all the reasons above, i.e. no glare and it’s easy to adjust the light and magnifying glass to the position you want.  However I do think this would be invaluable for intrinsic sewing such as fine embroidery or beading work.
Overall I have to say my Daylight lamp has not only saved my money as it’s a one for all rooms lamp, but I am pretty sure it has saved my eye sight too as most of my sewing is done at night with artificial light.  I highly recommend it to any crafters or bedtime readers!

Product Review: Jak Heath Road Tests the Triple Bright Lamp

Over the last few weeks I have been using the Triple Light Daylight lamp from the Daylight Company  to craft under. 

The image above was took in full daylight 12:00 noon in my home, you can see the difference it makes to my work area even at day time.

I first used it clamped onto my table top the I got the floor stand which is amazing, the structure of the legs are cast iron so it is really sturdy.
When I first thought about the triple light I was thinking triple the brightness comparing it to my original desk lamp and magnifier but what I hadn’t banked on was the fact that it would have triple the spread of light, this for me as a crafter is the most amazing part of the lamp.
The image above shows the lighted area that this lamp gives to me.
I often have what you could say is a dumping ground on my desk, I tend to gather things that I would like to use in making a card and plonk them on the desk what the lamp does to help is give me no shadows so that colours are true and it is easy to map out the card with matching items before gluing them in place.
I’m so happy with the productiveness of this lamp, over all a big 10 out of 10 I’d give this one.

You can also find this review on Jak Heaths Blog. The Triple Bright Lamp is one of the brightest daylight lamps, available for £139.99 with a range of additional accessories sold separately. To view the full range of Daylight Lamps click here

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Introducing Penny!

Welcome to Penny, the newest member of the Daylight Ambassador Programme! Here she tells us all about how she got into crafting and why she's looking forward to working with us! 
I've been creative ever since I can remember, starting in my bedroom as a child wielding scissors and glue, needles thread and wool, dressing my dolls and making models. 
The creativity continued into adulthood and family life making clothes and toys for my children and encouraging them in their own crafting activities.  It was only when they had flown the nest that I took the giant step onto a degree course in Visual Studies at, what was then, The Norwich School of Art and Design (now NUA)
 With the degree under my belt I ventured into cyber space, creating my virtual world, the Planet Penny website. It’s here I share my enthusiasm for creating and making as well as the joys of living in this particular corner of Norfolk.

My choice of crafts is still eclectic but I was inspired last year by some wonderfully colourful yarn which I made into some adorable rainbow coloured mice, but unfortunately I was unable to source in the UK.  I now sell the yarn in rainbow packs which has led me to create patterns for knitting and crochet.  I also teach needlefelting, and write tutorials and book reviews as well as the popular Planet Penny blog.
A lot of the time I struggle with lighting, not just for close or detailed work but especially for photography so I have been delighted to discover just what a difference a Daylight lamp can make. I'm looking forward to be able to share reviews with you 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sleek and Slimline!

We know how important it is to use good lighting for your favourite hobbies. But, something we have learnt from our customers, is that it not only needs to work well, but look great too! Many Daylight Lamps come with smooth glossy finishes in white or black. However some of our newer lamps have taken a stylish twist, sporting a luxurious brushed chrome finish that compliment almost all home decor! 
Some of our favourite chrome lamp designs can be found in the Slimline Collection - a duo made up of a fully flexible table and floor lamp!  
These elegant lamps are ergonomically perfect - allowing you to adjust the flexible arms, directing the light to exactly where you need it! They both come with an 11W energy saving daylight tube offering bright, white, full spectrum light that helps when matching colours, and working with small details and contrasts! 
The Slimline Table Lamp, £119.99, comes complete with a metal clamp so you can fix it to your workspace! It can be positioned perfectly above the hands but below the eyes, and is perfect for use with sewing machines, office desks and beautician tables. 
The Slimline Floor Lamp, £159.99, reaches new heights, lighting up even the largest work spaces (offices, craft rooms, workshops, beauty treatment rooms etc!). There are two unique flex points allowing you to manipulate the light where it's needed, while adjusting the height and angle of the lamp. 
This pair offer the perfect combination of height, flexibility and the perfect hobby and task lighting! To find out more about these products or any others in our range, please visit the Daylight Website. To tell us which is YOUR favourite, join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!  

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

25 Years of Bright White Light!

Leading lighting specialist, The Daylight Company, is pleased to announce that the company has now been in business for 25 years. Since launching in 1988, daylight has dedicated its efforts to providing crafters, artists, beauticians, and business professionals alike with their unrivalled full spectrum bright white light.
Company Director Patrick Jacquelin discovered the ‘Daylight Bulb’ while on a trip abroad. Recognising that natural daylight is the healthiest and most comfortable for our eyes, he realised that a ‘daylight simulation effect’ could benefit thousands of individuals who need natural light for everyday tasks. It was from this that ‘The Daylight Company’ was created. Since then, the company has grown and expanded across the world, with daylight now positioned as the market-leading brand of specialist lighting technology, and a favourite brand among the craft and hobby industry.

In order to mark this occasion, Daylight will be celebrating by hosting a range of promotions, online events, and competitions for everyone to get involved in – just watch this space! This can be found over the coming months by visiting daylight on Social Media, just find us by searching ‘Daylight Company’ on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
For more information about Daylight Company please visit where you can also find out more information about their product range, promotions, stockists and dealer support. 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Jayne Netley Mayhew joins Daylight Ambassador Programme

Here's the latest introduction to the Daylight Ambassador Programme, Jayne Netley Mayhew. Here she gives you the lowdown on where she's at today and what projects she'll be working on this summer!
From an early age I was painting, sewing, knitting, I really can’t remember a time when I did not have something creative on the go. As a child I was often ill and spent a lot of time in bed. To keep me occupied my mother would give me wool, silks, paper, paints and pencils and I was needless to say in my element.My brothers and sister are all artistic and we spent a great deal of our childhood drawing and painting together.
My success came about initially from producing two books illustrating with author Leslie Jackman. Through Leslie I was spotted by David & Charles who saw my freehand embroidery and challenged me to come up with a cross stitch design. I came up with four, and from that it seemed to snowball! Janlynn started to kit pack my designs and I was asked to do my first Cross Stitch book!
Several books and kits later and I still love to design and stitch, with many of my designs featured in Cross Stitch magazines and the launch of a website where I sell a few select charts. However, over the last few years, my artwork has taken the foreground and is being reproduced by Joanna Sheen to be used in Papercraft and Rubber Stamps. I'm currently working on a Decoupage set of paintings and when they're finished I will start working on the next planned Papercraft CD! 
My last major project for myself was a patchwork quilt - patchwork, appliqué squares all stitched by hand for a king-size bed. It took me several very enjoyable months to finish! All my own projects are fitted in between my designing, painting and stitching, and I do have an on going quilting masterpiece that i've been working on for years! (Watch this space!!). 
I've already reviewed lamps for Daylight in the past, you've probably seen me on their website putting the Stitchsmart Set to the test! I find Daylight lamps make my life as a stitcher much easier, particularly ones that allow you to move and tilt the head as you can then position the light wherever you want to work! It's going to be good road testing some more products and keeping you up to date with my new projects!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Introducing Barrie Goodfellow

Here at Daylight Company we'd like to introduce you to another one of our Daylight Ambassadors - low vision artist Barrie Goodfellow. 

I was born with bilateral glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, acute myopia and a hearing defect. My sight condition was not diagnosed until I was 11 years old so I missed out on my early years of education as I was unable to see the blackboard and most teachers wrote me off as being uneducatable. I spent most of my school days painting in the art room, collecting milk crates or playing football and I grew up on my wits in a mining village in the heart of the Northumberland coalfield. 
Throughout my life I was faced with a visual challenge but was never deterred by my handicap and went on to enjoy a very successful Import and Export Shipping career that took me all around the world. The culmination of my career was starting my own business which became known in every part of the world and won many National awards. 
In 1997 my sight diminished further and I had no other choice than to take early retirement and I was registered blind. It was at this point that I started painting with water colour and later moved to acrylic. Most of my paintings feature seascapes, fishing boats or some element of water that are always captured in my mind when out walking with my wife, Janet, and guide dog, Marshall, around the many beauty spots of Devon and Cornwall.
Because of my blindness it is not possible for me to sit out and paint on location. My wife takes photographs with a digital camera for me which are downloaded and I then use the Daylight Professional Artist’s Lamp and Magnifying Lamp which is a prerequisite in making the required details accessible.  Without quality lighting it would be impossible to follow and see the digital photographs in detail to create a quality painting.  I am able to use Daylight lamps for long periods of time without sustaining any side effects such as flashing, floaters or even headaches which is often the case when I have used other lamps.  My motto is ‘We have little sight, so keep it bright and of course we require very good light’.
Daylight Lamps have helped me in my journey to enjoying art again, and I look forward to being able to share some tailored advice and product reviews for others living with low vision. 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Discounts at Daylight!

Looking to bag yourself one of the top lamps for crafting at a reduced cost? We have just added several of our high quality lamps to the clearance page so get over to our website to get up to 50% off! Here are just two of the great bargains to be had;
DN1141 LED Lamp & Flashlight with a sleek black finish- the perfect home accessory! Unfold at your work space for an instant crafting desk lamp with 28 bright LED's, then fold up and use the flashlight feature to get started on that DIY! Now only £49.99 (was £54.99 - saving of £14.00)

D95087 LED MicroMax Light in Satin Silver. A handy little flexible clip light that is as versatile as you when it comes to crafting! Clips easily onto frames, clips, hoops and books or fixes onto its base to give you freedom to adjust the 2.25X magnifier and the bright 4 LED's exactly where you need them. Now only £19.99 (was £29.99 - saving of £10.00)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Daylight Ambassador Programme - Introducing Jak Heath

As part of our web redesign, we have decided to launch the Daylight Ambassador Programme, a team of great people representing what Daylight Lamps are all about! The team will give you the lowdown on our products, and the difference they can make to your life. They all have experience in different sectors from arts and crafts to low vision and they will be introducing themselves to you over the next couple of weeks! We've asked ambassador Jak Heath to start it all off!

Hi everyone, my name is Jak Heath and I’m a designer and craft demonstrator regularly on the shopping channel at Create and Craft TV . 
I have been crafting more years than I care to remember, my Mother started me crafting at an early age, it all started with paper dolls and paper clothes with little tabs on the edges to fasten them onto the doll, I would play for hours designing and colouring the clothes.
Later in my married years I kept up with crafting luckily I have a very understanding husband who doesn’t mind my craft over spilling into our home.
I soon realised that I love to inspire other crafters and I started a website and later a blog, I switched completely to the blog a few years ago and I use it like a diary to display my card making, tutorials and general chit chat. I can be found here and would love you to join me there. One of the things I love doing is tutorials, this is where my love of good lighting came from, when colouring I need a daylight bulb as is shows truer colours, I also need good lighting for the photography to show the results. This is a tutorial on skin colouring, the video can be found here but I also have this step by step below.

Step 1. Colour the whole area with Satin FlexMarker
Step 2. using the Blush FlexMarker go around the hairline, across the cheek area, the bridge of her nose, under her eyes and chin.
Step 3. Use Sunkissed Pink on her cheeks, hairline and in the corners of her eyes.
Step 4. Use Nutmeg to deepen the hairline, just adding the very tip to the corners of her eyes and the crease on her nose.

I will be working with Daylight as part of their Ambassador Programme, letting you know how to make the most of their lamps when it comes to paper crafting. I look forward to sharing more with you soon :-)