Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sleek and Slimline!

We know how important it is to use good lighting for your favourite hobbies. But, something we have learnt from our customers, is that it not only needs to work well, but look great too! Many Daylight Lamps come with smooth glossy finishes in white or black. However some of our newer lamps have taken a stylish twist, sporting a luxurious brushed chrome finish that compliment almost all home decor! 
Some of our favourite chrome lamp designs can be found in the Slimline Collection - a duo made up of a fully flexible table and floor lamp!  
These elegant lamps are ergonomically perfect - allowing you to adjust the flexible arms, directing the light to exactly where you need it! They both come with an 11W energy saving daylight tube offering bright, white, full spectrum light that helps when matching colours, and working with small details and contrasts! 
The Slimline Table Lamp, £119.99, comes complete with a metal clamp so you can fix it to your workspace! It can be positioned perfectly above the hands but below the eyes, and is perfect for use with sewing machines, office desks and beautician tables. 
The Slimline Floor Lamp, £159.99, reaches new heights, lighting up even the largest work spaces (offices, craft rooms, workshops, beauty treatment rooms etc!). There are two unique flex points allowing you to manipulate the light where it's needed, while adjusting the height and angle of the lamp. 
This pair offer the perfect combination of height, flexibility and the perfect hobby and task lighting! To find out more about these products or any others in our range, please visit the Daylight Website. To tell us which is YOUR favourite, join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!  

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

25 Years of Bright White Light!

Leading lighting specialist, The Daylight Company, is pleased to announce that the company has now been in business for 25 years. Since launching in 1988, daylight has dedicated its efforts to providing crafters, artists, beauticians, and business professionals alike with their unrivalled full spectrum bright white light.
Company Director Patrick Jacquelin discovered the ‘Daylight Bulb’ while on a trip abroad. Recognising that natural daylight is the healthiest and most comfortable for our eyes, he realised that a ‘daylight simulation effect’ could benefit thousands of individuals who need natural light for everyday tasks. It was from this that ‘The Daylight Company’ was created. Since then, the company has grown and expanded across the world, with daylight now positioned as the market-leading brand of specialist lighting technology, and a favourite brand among the craft and hobby industry.

In order to mark this occasion, Daylight will be celebrating by hosting a range of promotions, online events, and competitions for everyone to get involved in – just watch this space! This can be found over the coming months by visiting daylight on Social Media, just find us by searching ‘Daylight Company’ on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
For more information about Daylight Company please visit www.daylightcompany.com where you can also find out more information about their product range, promotions, stockists and dealer support.