Sunday, 1 December 2013

Inside Look: Daylight's Handheld LED Magnifiers

As part of the new StarMag range, Daylight Company have brought out a handy due of LED magnifiers to make working with details and fiddly crafts much easier! The duo, consisting of a small handheld magnifier and a large handheld magnifier (sold separately) are new on the scene for crafters needing a closer look at their favourite hobbies! So let's take a look at them in more detail! 
This little lighting solution comes with a 3.5X acrylic crystal clear lens (7.5cm/2.75") and two bright daylight LED's which will never need replacing! There is also a handy stand to allow you to position it on your table for hands-free magnification. This is the perfect craft kit essential to keep you enjoying your hobbies wherever you are, whether that's on-the-go or on your holidays! 

This larger handheld magnifier offers the same great features including the handy pop-out stand and bright daylight LED bulbs. However, this tool offers a high quality 2.0X acrylic lens (11cm/4") with a 4.0X inset lens (2.5cm/1") - greater magnification for all your crafting needs! 

Both of these products are made from high-quality, long lasting materials along with a stylish satin silver finish! And, with them coming in for less than £30 for both, they make a great Christmas gift idea! 

Jak Heath Reviews the LED Foldi

We popped an LED Foldi in the post to Daylight Ambassador Jak Heath to see how she got on using it for all her favourite hobbies! Here's what she thought...

There are times in a crafters life that you need to pack up a work station and just take it with you which can be done so that no matter where you are going you can whip out the craft and never be bored. I have always done this on my travels but I have often hit a stumbling block in the way of good lighting. It never seams to be in the right place in hotel rooms - Daylight Company have that covered for us! Not only is this lamp a God send but it is slick and stylish too.
I knew when looking at the images of this lamp that I liked it but I hadn’t realise just how much I was going to like it until I had it in my hand.
Whether traveling to a friends house or a craft club, this little sleek beauty will fit in your handbag neatly in its very own black pouch, and it is so powerful, it gives 8 hours life from batteries or you can plug it into a USB on your computer or laptop or even buy a plug adapter for it.
this is me popping it into my handbag and showing just how sleek it is.
Click here to see this review live on Jak Heath's blog, where she is also giving all her lucky followers the chance to win one of these lovely little lamps in time for Christmas!