Thursday, 11 October 2012

World Sight Day

World Sight Day, 11th October 2012, is an important day. Not only to celebrate the wonders of sight, but also to focus the world’s attention on blindness, visual impairment, and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.
Sight is an incredibly important factor when it comes to lighting. We know how important it is, and we also know how easy it is to strain your eyes under dim lighting. You can take various steps in caring for your eyes, and potentially eliminating problems with sight later down the line, one of those steps is working under ‘eye-friendly’ lighting.
When it comes to designing our lamps, we ensure that every single one offers the same unrivalled bright white light that offers a full spectrum light for our customers to enjoy. By avoiding lights that flicker and produce glare, you avoid those sore, tired eyes that people often associate with working under a lamp. You will also notice that our lamps help you see more than you could before – small details and contrasts will become visible and colour matching becomes much easier. When working late into the night or for long periods of time, you will no longer notice those red itchy eyes that can take the fun out of your favourite hobbies.

When we worked with low-vision artist Barrie Goodfellow, he described how using his Daylight Lamp (Professional Artists Lamp) he was able to see his work in ways he hadn’t before, and his art was improved as a result.
So for anybody who enjoys crafts, arts, model making, puzzling, writing, reading, crosswords and more – take a moment to reflect on World Sight Day and the difference a Daylight Lamp has made to you, or the difference it could make! 

Monday, 1 October 2012

It really IS the ultimate tabletop lamp!!

This is not just a lamp. It is everything you could want in a lamp. It is beautifully crafted, energy saving, produces natural looking light and can be used for almost anything. This ultimate lamp is great for scrap-booking, needlework, nail painting, knitting, or any other sort of craft. Its light can reach into the places normal daylight can't. At £114.99, you won't find much else that can do what this one can do. This really is the ultimate tabletop lamp! Check it out at The Daylight Company - Ultimate Tabletop Lamp

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