Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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"As a jewellery designer , often working with very small beads, good light is very important to me, wherever  I may be working."

Daylight Foldi LED lamp by Angela Smith, Bespoke handmade jewellery...

Although most of the time I work by a window, during the winter months especially I often run out of daylight hours and I can see my new white ‘Foldi’ lamp from daylight will be used regularly at that time. This was proven on the day it arrived, as it was a gloomy grey day outside, it is such a compact lamp that I was able to sit the lamp on my desk in a small space amongst all my beads, next to my work mat and it provided all the light I needed.

The main reason I chose the Foldi lamp, though, was because it was portable and as I often run workshops and attend craft fairs and other sales events it will be very useful to have a lamp that is light and compact to pack and does not require to be plugged in but still provides a good light to work by, the foldi lamp runs off  3 AA batteries which provides 8 hours of bright white light.
 At events I often have a small table set up behind my stall where I can sit making new jewellery, or altering jewellery to suit the customer’s requirements , such as changing ear hooks to clips or silver plate hooks to sterling silver ones, or even altering the length of a necklace or bracelet.  The light at these events can be quite poor so to have a portable lamp that doesn’t take up much room but still provides a good light is going to be a great asset.

I have since realised that I would also be able to use it on my stall if electricity isn’t available to highlight a select few items of my jewellery.
I have also had the opportunity to use it on a demonstration table during the birthday celebrations of Gallery at 12 in Eccleshall this month, the table was outside the gallery in a small arcade with no access to a power point and again the weather was grey and wet; the foldi lamp provided me with a much needed good  bright light to make up several wire and bead necklaces.

As you can see the light really is bright.
I can imagine that it will also be useful when it comes to photographing my jewellery on dull days as good natural light is needed to help show the true colour of the jewellery.
No doubt over the coming months I will find plenty more uses for it, I haven’t even explored how I can make the most of it when it is plugged into my lap top as it can also be USB powered and I also have the option of buying a USB power adaptor too.

Angela Smith
Bespoke handmade jewellery


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