Thursday, 13 February 2014

Love Nails Love Daylight! Guest Blog by Celebrity Manicurist and Session Tech Stephanie Staunton

 I've always loved nails, I started nail art when I was around 8 as a hobby and I've now been doing nails for over a decade. After winning nail idol 2011 and being hailed no1 in the country under 25 my career went from strength to strength.

I became a session tech and then a celebrity manicurist with clients I could only ever of dreamt of working with. I do nails for movies, tv, adverts, magazines, events, celebs, music videos and various other shoots.
Whether I'm in a hotel, studio, trailer or a home my Daylight lamp is a must have. It's minimises eye strain, headaches, doesn't cause unwanted reactions with my products and when I'm doing intricate nail art I need all the light I can get. I love my job but armed with the right tools makes it even better. 
Instagram @stephie_nails 

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