Friday, 21 February 2014

Linda (Lou) Japp from Loving Hands charity group explains how keen knitters, crocheters and stitchers can get involved

Loving Hands Craft for Charity is a rapidly growing group of knitters, crocheters and stitchers who make items for charities both here in the UK and overseas.  We create everything from baby clothes to chicken coats and loads more besides.  We would be delighted to have Daylight followers join us in our quest to fill the needs of all of our charities (there is a list on our forum of charities we support - they have all been vetted and carefully chosen to meet our criteria - we only give items to charities who take them directly to where they are needed and have their own staff on the ground there to distribute them to the people or animals in need - we do not supply items to be sold in charity shops for peanuts either or stored for years in warehouses).
To help new mothers overcome breastfeeding problems 

We only make for charities that ensure the clothes reach exactly where they are needed

Join us by going to our website  and clicking on the wee box that says Forum - fill out the form when you click the register tab at top left of forum page and I will be delighted to approve your membership.  Current projects include making scarves at least 1.5metres long to be used to help the Children's Hospice Rachel House in Kinross by creating a scarf 7.5 miles long to stretch from Gateside in Fife to the Hospice in Kinross - knit, crochet or sew your scarves for that project. We are also making hats, scarves, gloves and single bed blankets for Operation Orphan's Keep a Kid Warm appeal to help them fill the boxes to go to Serbia for the children there.  There are always lots of projects and ideas on our forum.

Linda has also volunteered to become a Daylight Ambassador and is currently reviewing a lamp she has selected from the range of lamps perfect for knitters - her Daylight lamp report is scheduled to appear in March 2014

Linda (Lou) Jaap
Loving Hands Craft for Charity

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