Sunday, 14 April 2013

Daylight Ambassador Programme - Introducing Jak Heath

As part of our web redesign, we have decided to launch the Daylight Ambassador Programme, a team of great people representing what Daylight Lamps are all about! The team will give you the lowdown on our products, and the difference they can make to your life. They all have experience in different sectors from arts and crafts to low vision and they will be introducing themselves to you over the next couple of weeks! We've asked ambassador Jak Heath to start it all off!

Hi everyone, my name is Jak Heath and I’m a designer and craft demonstrator regularly on the shopping channel at Create and Craft TV . 
I have been crafting more years than I care to remember, my Mother started me crafting at an early age, it all started with paper dolls and paper clothes with little tabs on the edges to fasten them onto the doll, I would play for hours designing and colouring the clothes.
Later in my married years I kept up with crafting luckily I have a very understanding husband who doesn’t mind my craft over spilling into our home.
I soon realised that I love to inspire other crafters and I started a website and later a blog, I switched completely to the blog a few years ago and I use it like a diary to display my card making, tutorials and general chit chat. I can be found here and would love you to join me there. One of the things I love doing is tutorials, this is where my love of good lighting came from, when colouring I need a daylight bulb as is shows truer colours, I also need good lighting for the photography to show the results. This is a tutorial on skin colouring, the video can be found here but I also have this step by step below.

Step 1. Colour the whole area with Satin FlexMarker
Step 2. using the Blush FlexMarker go around the hairline, across the cheek area, the bridge of her nose, under her eyes and chin.
Step 3. Use Sunkissed Pink on her cheeks, hairline and in the corners of her eyes.
Step 4. Use Nutmeg to deepen the hairline, just adding the very tip to the corners of her eyes and the crease on her nose.

I will be working with Daylight as part of their Ambassador Programme, letting you know how to make the most of their lamps when it comes to paper crafting. I look forward to sharing more with you soon :-)


  1. Congratulations, Jak, on this new honor. Lighting is so very important to anyone who crafts (or sews or crochets or knits or reads or...). I look forward to hearing more about Daylight on your blog and the products they offer. Cheryl W

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I love the products and use my lamp everyday so writing about how it helps me is easy.

  2. What an honour for the Daylight Company to have you on board. Congratulations Jak x

  3. Congratulations Jak, wonderful news...

  4. Great News Jak and Congratulations. Great Lighting is so important when crafting as your eyes can get tired so quickly otherwise.

  5. Well done Jak, they really couldn't find anyone better for the job..x

    They have picked the PERFECT person for the job!!

  7. Congrats Jak, you are a great spokesperson.

  8. Congratulations, Jak. You definitely need the best lighting when doing coloring or painting. You a the perfect choice for a spokesperson.